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On March 2, the National Development and Reform Commiss […]

On March 2, the National Development and Reform Commission announced that the daily production capacity and daily output of Chinese masks continued to grow rapidly, and both exceeded 100 million.

Face masks in China are gradually being eased. Face masks, whose value has risen dozens of times, are slowly falling in price, and the domestic epidemic situation has been effectively controlled.

On the contrary, overseas epidemics have become more serious. According to public statistics, except for China, the cumulative number of new diagnoses of new coronary pneumonia has exceeded the million mark, which allows many people to see the business opportunities of masks going out to sea.

"Now there are dozens of people looking for a mask every day, as long as there is a spot that can be sold out in minutes, and there is no worry about sales," said Chen Guohua, who is doing cross-border e-commerce business.

After the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, Chen Guohua took the opportunity to start the business of going out to sea. As an intermediary channel, he contacted domestic factories internally and communicated with overseas traders. Now his daily job is to find the source of supply and arrange delivery.

However, Chen Guohua said that he has seen the magic of a mask factory investing millions of money on the same day, and he himself has experienced the stimulus of making 100,000 a day, but the business of masks going to sea is not as simple as imagined. If it is overturned, the "banknote printing machine" will become a "banknote crusher" if it is careless.

During the epidemic, masks are the most widely used and most used. China is a major producer of masks. In 2019, China ’s mask output exceeded 5 billion, and the industry scale exceeded 10 billion. The proportion of medical masks used for virus protection accounted for 54%. Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, the growth rate of medical mask output value will be significantly increased (the growth rate is expected to reach 28%), which will drive the growth of the entire mask industry output value, and the annual mask output value will exceed 13 billion yuan. The National Development and Reform Commission announced on March 2, 2020 that, including ordinary masks, medical masks, and medical N95 masks, the national daily mask production capacity and daily output have both exceeded 100 million.