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At present, many friends are a bit at a loss as to how […]

At present, many friends are a bit at a loss as to how to choose the right clean cloth. If you want to choose the right clean cloth, the key is to understand the material and characteristics of the clean cloth first, so that you can find a suitable one according to your needs. dust-free cloth.

We have accumulated many years of experience in the development of dust-free cloth. Together with our suppliers, the whole process from the selection of raw silk to fabric production, edge banding, and cleaning are all manufactured in accordance with strict quality control and high-standard production processes. Professional cleaning, cleaning and drying equipment and 18MΩ·CM ultrapure water cleaning, drying, double-layer purification packaging are used in the ISO4 standard clean room, and the product quality is tracked by batch number.

Clean cloth can be roughly divided into the following six categories:

1. Polyester fiber clean cloth

Material description: Low elasticity and high wear resistance polyester long fiber weft knitting, net and plain weave structure.

Suitable for wiping: in clean room operations, further cleaning of stains, liquids and dust; wiping tools, countertops, product surfaces; wiping screens, PCB boards, motors, etc.

2. Sub-microfiber clean cloth

Material description: 100% continuous sub-microfiber weft weaving, plain weave structure.

Suitable for wiping: remove surface dust, such as LCD, semiconductor, microelectronic products, etc.; clean and polish the surface of magnetic media.

3. Microfiber clean cloth

Material description: 70%/30% polyester, nylon continuous superfine fiber, woven, weft knitted, plain structure.

Suitable for wiping: cleaning touch screen, LED, LCD and other surfaces; wiping sensitive surfaces; polishing or cleaning metal surfaces.

4. Special clean cloth

Material description: Use special process structure or special materials to make high-performance dust-free cloth with special requirements.

Suitable for wiping: It is suitable for the special needs of water absorption, high temperature, friction resistance and static electricity in production.

5. Polyurethane/polyvinyl alcohol wipes

Material description: Use high-performance sponges such as PU or PVA to make wiping tools with high cleanliness performance and high absorption performance.

Applicable Wipe: Laboratory, food, medicine, electronics and other industries require special and efficient wipes.

6. Dust-free roll cloth

Material description: It is woven with woven superfine fiber, and the edge is perfectly sealed by ultrasonic.

Suitable for wiping: It is suitable for automatically wiping tools, manufacturing tools and metal surfaces in LCD, FPD, PCB, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries.