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Orthopedic masks, also known as surgical masks, are med […]

Orthopedic masks, also known as surgical masks, are medical personal protective equipment essential for doctors in specific medical procedures. It helps prevent contamination of the face during cosmetic surgery and is recommended for all patients present during surgery. The mask is designed to fit comfortably on the nose and mouth, and pads are placed on the cheeks, chin and forehead to form a barrier against particles and other air pollutants.

Masks can be worn in different types of medical or cosmetic procedures, including laser treatment, skin resurfacing, skin grafting, and aesthetic enhancements such as rhinoplasty, botulinum toxin injections, and wrinkles. Masks are usually worn while breathing, which is especially important for medical personnel who need to control airway pressure during invasive procedures. For this reason, disposable face masks are widely used in intensive care units (ICU) and for patients who have airway management problems in operating rooms. These disposable masks have several advantages compared to masks in routine operations: they eliminate the need to wear a breathing mask when giving intravenous fluids, and eliminate the need to remove and replace sutures or nasal catheters after surgery; they can Position the airway more accurately during invasive surgery; they reduce the risk of facial skin damage and blistering, and improve wound healing.

Hangzhou Fengshang Industrial Co., Ltd. can obtain customized masks from suppliers. Some are tailored to your specific size and come with pre-printed pre-filters (to prevent the fabric from pulling away from the surface) and fabric guides.

The mask is usually divided into two layers: the base cloth, usually made of cotton or polyester; the base cloth, usually made of cotton or polyester. The second layer can be acrylic, vinyl or mesh. The base layer is usually translucent or transparent, while the second layer has a printed, reflective or textile surface. Some masks have only one layer, but two-layer styles are available. The base layer is usually made of hard plastic. When the excess fabric is pulled out, the base layer will easily stretch or pull, but when the second layer is applied, the base layer will remain in place.

Some mask options are removable, which means that the wearer can change the design, appearance or fabric used at any time. However, if the wearer wishes to remove the mask at any time, the liner (if any) must be removed from the mask. Many companies manufacture these products with machine washing and dry cleaning capabilities. There are also masks with built-in self-adhesive backing, which makes it easy to remove and reinstall.