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One of the most common materials in a breathable mask m […]

One of the most common materials in a breathable mask material is the polystyrene or polyurethane. These types of filters are used to clean air, but some users believe that this type of filter is a trap for dust particles. The particles are not trapped but are instead emitted back into the air. This type of filter also tends to get rid of odor causing bacteria. However, this type of filter usually restricts the amount of oxygen that can pass through the filter to the nose and mouth. Some users report that the restriction of oxygen can reduce the effectiveness of an air purifier.

Another popular choice is the cotton fabric mask. Cotton fabrics are available in several different forms. Some are one layer and others have two layers. A one-layer cotton mask has no protection against dust particles but still is much better than nothing at all. In addition, cotton fabric can trap some odors.

A very popular technology used to filter the air in buildings, particularly for high pressure drop furnace use, is the high pressure drop masks. These masks are much more effective than the one-layer cotton masks, but they do require a higher power filter to achieve their efficiency. High pressure drop furnace use requires that the mask be able to maintain a constant air flow.

All of the above mentioned fabrics are made of either one or two layers of polyethylene fibers or polypropylene fibers. The polyethylene fibers are of high quality and provide excellent filtration of the air. The polypropylene fibers are lower in quality but are less expensive to produce. Many manufacturers combine these two materials to produce a higher grade of mask. The drawback of using polyethylene is that it can scratch easily. Therefore, it is advised that you purchase face masks that are made of other materials, such as those made of cotton or a blend of these fibers.

There are other varieties of filters, such as the nasal and full face masks. These types of masks are preferred for situations where one wishes to filter the air on one or both of the faces (a doctor's office). Because this type of mask must fit tightly, it can often times be difficult to keep clean. Many surgeons prefer the use of cotton as the mask material because of its ease of cleaning and comfort. Cotton masks are often used in situations where one desires a more snug fit, for example during an athletic event or while lifting. A surgical mask is also a popular type of mask used by a surgeon.